Saturday, March 19, 2011

Step by step construction instructions...

I have included a new page on this blog that gives step by step pillowcase dress instructions.  It's located near the top of my blog.  Just put your mouse over the words "Pillowcase dress instructions" and click!  Or go to this link:

There are two basic ways to make simple pillowcase dresses.  Both start off the same and then there are two options: 1)  use grosgrain ribbon for the ties or 2) use double bias tape for the ties.  One is not necessarily easier than the other and both are really cute.

Of course, embellishments can be added once your basic dress is constructed.  Many add pockets or ribbon trim, ric rac, lace, ruffles etc.  It's okay to leave it basic or embellish all you want!  Remember, if a little girl has never had a dress, even a plain one will make her smile!

Several women have asked me what they should do to not so pretty colored pillowcases or not so pretty pillowcases.  Keep in mind that sometimes just adding a bright color to a brown pillowcase will make it darling!  And although we may not care for some patterns, colors etc-different cultures may think it is beautiful!  So do your best with whatever you have and believe that some little girl will love it!

There really are no set rules.  You don't even need to follow my instructions.  As I find more and different dress instructions, I will link them.Fire up those sewing machines & let your creativity take over!

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