Thursday, March 24, 2011

Start your engines (or sewing machines!)

Ladies, the Gordon College trip to Nicaragua was a huge success and has prompted a ripple effect!  One of the professors that went on the trip is going to Honduras in May and is asking for dresses for that trip.  She doesn't have an exact number yet, but we are starting with assuming 100 pillowcase dresses.  There are actually two groups going so we will wait and see how many we actually need.  However, couple that with the 10,000 dresses we are sewing for David Wagner of Father's Heart Ministries & well, yikes!

So, if you can sew and would like to help a great cause in providing a dress for a little girl internationally, please help!  We need lots of dresses!  Which also means we need lots of pillowcases & sheets, elastic, ribbon and bias tape! 

Don't know how to sew and want to help?  There are lots of ways! 
  • Do a pillowcase drive among your friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Wash them as they come in and then drop them off with me.  
  • Come to our next sewing event April 1st at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire.  
  • Start your own sewing circle or event.  
  • When going to yard/tag sales, ask if they'd donate sheets, pillowcases or fabric to our DAGATW.
Thanks for stopping by and please consider helping.  Even sharing this blog with your friends via Facebook or email will raise awareness and possibly prompt someone to help out!

Have a blessed day!  (And start your engines!)

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