Sunday, March 27, 2011

God is good!

We had a great day today!  Kitty came to our church with us and loved the message.  It was really nice having her there.  After church, we came back to our house and were talking about Dress a Girl.  I was telling her how since becoming the local representative for Dress a Girl Around the World, I have prayed that God would let this whole thing unfold at a manageable rate.  That it wouldn't just explode into something really big too fast.  After all, I had heard amazing stories of other reps hosting sewing events for thousands of people in stadiums! (Gulp!) 

Kitty reminded me that Romans 8:28 (Hope I have the right scripture here) states that "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."  Basically that if I am doing this to glorify God, that He would make it work for me.  It is working!

Since actively starting a DAG Facebook page and blogging, I have been getting even more people discovering DAG and our mission to provide a dress to girls all over the world.  I am amazed at how these mediums are generating such great interest!  Just in the past two days, I have had several inquiries either from the DAGATW website or my blog.  In fact, the first one is a woman who may come to our sewing event Saturday, lives about an hour away in West Springfield, MA (my parents live there!); the next is a woman who found the website, then my blog and lives only 2 towns away (she's coming to our sewing event this Saturday!); the third is a woman in Chicago who has been sewing for DAG there, shared it with her MIL who wants to start sewing and lives about an hour away in Wilbraham, MA! (My brother lives there!)  Now I am telling you that God has a hand in this!  It's not just coincidence!  God is good!  I am so thankful for how this is all unfolding for me!

Tomorrow I will share what I have done today!  I copied the idea of another woman who is sewing some dresses for DAG in her area.  Made pretty but boring dresses ultra cute!!  Stay tuned!

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