Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DRESSES NEEDED! Many requests for dresses!

Well, the Christmas season is upon us and I have just had 4 requests for dresses from 4 different organizations taking missions trips between now and February!

Ladies, start your sewing machines!  I need help.  I know everyone is busy at this time of year, I am as well.  If you have any dresses you have sewn or started, could you try to finish them and get them to me asap?  If you have time, could you sew a few up for me?

Help us bless girls this Christmas!
I was so thankful when a woman called me out of the blue just a couple weeks ago.  It was days before her trip to Mozambique and she just heard about DAGATW.  She wanted dresses for the next week.  I had a couple of large boxes that I was tripping over in my sewing studio and was thrilled to send them with her to bless little girls for Christmas!

Now I have no finished dresses and have a student from Fordham University that would like some for a trip soon.  She is coming home to CT around December 20th and I told her I'd have dresses.  Another gentleman just contacted me this morning that he has a trip in early January and needs dresses by December 29th!

I know God will guide us to get these done.  I am asking for your help.  I planned an impromptu sewing date TONIGHT, December 11th at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire from 7-9pm if anyone can join us to help.  The address is 1146 Waterbury Road in Cheshire.  Come with your sewing machine and any supplies you may have.  Any financial donations are welcome as well and are 100% tax deductible.  Checks should me made payable to "Cornerstone Church-Dress a Girl ministry".

Thank you and I hope to see you tonight!

Dress a Girl gets national exposure with TV interview on "The Better Show"

This past fall I was asked if I would like to be featured on "The Better Show" for a segment they call "Women Who Inspire."  I had the opportunity to travel into NYC to do an interview with Audra Lowe of "The Better Show" about Dress a Girl Around the World.  It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed being able to talk about DAG knowing how many people would be able to see what we are doing to help bless little girls with their own pretty pillowcase dress!  What a great opportunity to share!

Watch for yourself by clicking this link:  The Better Show-Dress a Girl Around the World

If you are interested in helping, please respond in the comments below or email me at dressagirlct@gmail.com.

We are always in need of financial help to purchase those things that are not donated such as trimmings, labels, postage and supplies.  100% of your donations are used for Dress a Girl Connecticut as we seek to bless girls worldwide.  If you can help us, please click the "DONATE" button on the top right of this page.  Help us brighten a little girls Christmas this year.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dresses looking for a ride! :)

Are you traveling to a country with basic clothing needs for it's girls?  We are an organization of caring people who want to bless little girls with a new pretty pillowcase dress to raise her self esteem, maker her feel pretty and put a smile on her face...as well as meet basic clothing needs.

A girl in Zimbabwe waiting for her first pretty dress.
My name is Janine and I am the Connecticut State Representative for Dress a Girl Around the World.  We transform ordinary pillowcases into extraordinary, beautiful pillowcase dresses.  Each dress is handmade by a caring individual who selflessly constructs the dress, primarily out of donated materials, into something any girl would be proud to wear.  The dresses aim to meet basic needs but more than that, to make the girl who is blessed with it feel pretty.  The dresses are put on a girl right over any existing clothes she may have and a moment is spent on her level to fasten the ties over her shoulders.  She is told that the dress is a gift from someone who made it by hand simply out of love for her.  She is told that there is a God that loves her and that she is important.  For some girls, this is more individual attention than she may have had in a long time.  In many countries, girls have no value, no worth in the eyes of the people.  However, every person, every girls is special and important to God and we are trying to spread God's love by sharing these dresses with girls everywhere.

You can see she feels pretty and loved!
To date, Dress a Girl has blessed 126,000 girls in 64 countries with dresses of their own.  I am actively looking for people in and around Connecticut who are traveling where there is a need for these dresses.  I can offer you dresses and all that I ask is that you bless the girls as described above and take photos of the girls receiving the dresses so that we may share those pictures with everyone that sews for us.  The photos and stories are what drive all of us to continue to sew.  I can hardly put into words how awesome it is to see a dress I made on a girl who is smiling and feeling good about herself!  This goes for every person who sews for Dress a Girl. 

Dress a Girl Connecticut has made over 4500 dresses since I started in 2010 and we have many women getting involved each day.  It takes many volunteers, generous donations-both of materials and financial donations to keep us going.  Every penny we receive in will be put back into dress materials, label costs and shipping when necessary.

If you, your organization or your church are traveling soon, please contact me to arrange to get dresses to bless girls.  I currently have about 500 dresses looking for a ride to a needy girl.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to make your own pretty bias tape!

Unlimited fabric pattern options!!! Love them!

I have had several requests for tutorials on how to make your own pretty bias tape.  We all know how expensive it can be to purchase.  Making it is so inexpensive and you can get many yards of bias tape from just one yard of pretty cotton fabric!  Here are a couple links to sites with good tutorials!

SEW pretty!

This site has a printable card for feeding your strip of fabric into!

If you try any of these out, please post pictures for me!  I tried it a few times and it is simple but time consuming.  The up side is that it is super inexpensive and they are sooo much prettier than the plain colored ones we can buy in the stores!

Friday, September 28, 2012

New sewing date planned! Join us!

Join us to sew & help!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pot Luck Lunch-bring something to share!

Cornerstone Church 
1146 Waterbury Road
Cheshire, CT  06410

Ironing boards, irons, sewing machines, sergers needed that day!

Please bring yours!

Come for the whole day or any part of the time!
Bring a friend if you'd like.

RSVP to dressagirlct@gmail.com


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pillowcase Dress Sizing Chart & Armhole Template

Suzanne, our Washington State rep, has uploaded the sizing chart for dresses and armhole template for dresses.  Rather than duplicate her efforts, here is a link to her blog "Sew Delightful".


Monday, August 20, 2012

Dress a Girl Connecticut is 2 years old! New sewing date this weekend!

Dresses made in Connecticut bless girls in Romania!
Dress a Girl Connecticut has been sewing and blessing girls for two years now!  How we have grown in just two years!  It started a small group of 25 women sewing at my church, Cornerstone Church in Cheshire.  We have grown to well over 200 across New England that have helped in some way!  Small groups of friends are coming together to sew in their homes, churches and clubs and then sending finished dresses to me.  I am humbled and touched at how this affects those that hear what we are doing to bless little girls worldwide.  I love that it moves them to get involved and make a difference in the life of a girl!  Girls are shown love when blessed by their very own handmade pillowcase dress.  They feel pretty and smile ear to ear when blessed.  Their self esteem is raised.  That is a wonderful thing!

There is a lot happening now with Dress a Girl Around the World!  We are currently sewing dresses nationwide to go to Cambodia in the fall.  We have a request for 10,000 dresses and the deadline to ship them to the port in South Carolina is the end of August.  We have sent about 500 so far from Dress a Girl Connecticut!  Keep sewing!

I would like to invite you all to our next sewing event.  We can fit about 60 so if you think you can make it, please RSVP to me as soon as possible. Come for some of the time or join us for the whole time.  If you sew, bring your machine and thread and we will set you up to sew.  If not, bring an iron and ironing board, sharp scissors, pins, PILLOWCASES, or a dish to share at lunchtime.  We will be working and having fun too!  Bring a friend if you'd like!

Saturday, August 25, 2012
Cornerstone Church
1146 Waterbury Road
Cheshire, CT
***** RSVP to dressagirlct@gmail.com ASAP *****

In June, I attended our first Dress a Girl Around the World conference in Arizona.  I'd like to share with you how our mission is changing from simply providing a pretty dress to a girl who may not have one to blessing a girl with God's BEST.  This means the dress must meet some criteria that we feel is very important.  Here's a wrap-up:
  • Always start with pretty, clean pillowcases and materials.  Think to yourself, would I wear this or put it on my own daughter/granddaughter?  The material/pillowcase must NOT BE SEE THROUGH.  The test is, if you can hold your hand under a single layer of the material and you can see the outline of your hand, it is too see through.  Consider lining dresses with any thin materials/pillowcases you have or use these materials to make bias tape.  We want to respect the modesty and dignity of the girl.  This may also protect her from would be predators.
  • The dress MUST BE CONSTRUCTED IN A DURABLE manner using proper materials.  Please remember these dresses may often be washed in rivers on rocks or on washboards with harsh homemade soaps.  There may be no delicate cycle in many cases!  Back stitch when beginning to sew and when ending your stitches.  Hide raw edges to prevent fraying and unraveling over time.  This can be done by serging edges, sewing french seams or encasing raw edges in a double fold.  When making a dress that is 36" or longer, please make a kick pleat at the bottom (side or middle) so the girl can run and play without having to hike her dress up.
  • We have found that making the elastic pieces one inch (1") wider for the back of the dress fits the girl better.  We generally use 3/8"-3/4" elastics.  Be sure and tack them in place (backstitching) to ensure they will not fall out before you apply bias tape straps.
  • Armholes should be cut between 3"-5" in from the top edge and down from the top of the pillowcase or fabric.  Do not make them any longer or deeper a cut or the straps will not be long enough and the girls chest may be exposed.
  • Straps should be made of DOUBLE FOLD WIDE (1/2") BIAS TAPE or grosgrain ribbon.  When using grosgrain ribbon, use FRAY CHECK on ends to prevent raveling.  Stitch the ribbon in place on the casing so that ribbons aren't pulled out and not able to be re-inserted.  Do not use craft ribbon as this is not soft, can fray and is not washable.  Never use wired ribbon or rope of any kind.  Make sure the straps are long enough to go over the girls shoulder and tie in a bow!  Too often we receive dresses that are beautiful otherwise but cannot be used because the straps are too short to tie a bow.  A good rule of thumb is to make your straps a FULL 36" each no matter the size dress!  When sewing straps on, start at one end, folding in edges, backstitch, and sew to the opposite end, folding in edges, backstitch.
  • Extra touches make the dress even more special.  Add good sized pockets-minimum 5" wide- (girls love to carry little things around in pockets!), trim such as ric rac, and sewn on bows.  Ruffles are pretty too.  Buttons can be used decoratively as long as they are sewn on sturdily.  Please, NO hot glued items adhered to the dress.  They can fall off over time.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers, donating supplies, money for buying supplies and shipping costs, time for helping out, prepping materials, sewing, rolling and bagging, packing and shipping dresses.  It is all of you who make Dress a Girl a success.  To date, Dress a Girl Around the World has blessed over 101,000 girls with our pillowcase dresses in 59 different countries.  We have people sewing in all states of the US, in the UK, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and Uganda.  There are many more girls out there waiting for a dress of their very own, so please keep sewing! 

I feel like the more I share what we are doing, the more girls will be blessed.  I would love to come and share what Dress a Girl is doing with your church, group, or organization.  Please contact me to schedule a convenient time.  Also, we are in need of financial contributions to help with supplies and shipping to our contacts.  If you feel you can help out in any way, please make checks payable to Cornerstone Church-Dress a Girl Ministry and mail to Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT  06410 (this is a tax deductible donation) or bring to our next sewing event!  I hope to see you there and meet more of you all in person!  If you have not gotten involved and would like to, call or email me with any questions you have!

Please continue to keep Dress a Girl Connecticut in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I need your help!  I currently have 134 dresses packed and ready for shipment (and more waiting to be packed and shipped).  These dresses are headed to Cambodia with missionaries that have requested a total of 10,000 dresses from Dress a Girl Around the World.  There is great need in Cambodia to lift up the girls in prayer and to bless them with their own handmade pillowcase dresses!  A new dress for a little girl who has never had one will raise her self esteem and make her feel pretty.  It is a selfless act of love to make these dresses for a girl you may never meet.  It shows her that she is loved.  By others and by God.  We are seeking to provide God's best in the dresses we make.

I estimate that it will cost about $60 to ship these dresses the the port in South Carolina where the group will load them with all the others coming in from all over Dress a Girl sewers onto the ship that will sail to Cambodia in the next few months.  Please pray for the girls of Cambodia and if you can help us with any of the cost of shipping, please click on the "DONATE" button on the right of this page.  100% off you donation will go to helping us bless little girls.  Thank you.

Let's give them smiles like this!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to make a pillowcase dress with a SHAM pillowcase

One of my newest sewing ladies, Marcia, sent me this helpful tutorial this week.  It shows step by step how to make a pillowcase dress for girls using a sham pillowcase.  You know the ones- it's opening is split in the back near the center.  Usually, I cut them all apart and piece them back together to make the dress.  She however has a unique way of putting the dresses together in less steps and with a row of pockets!  Sew cute!  As Marcia says, "It takes a little longer to complete a dress using pillow shams, but they do come in pretty patterns and make attractive dresses.  I love to recycle!! "

Example of a pretty SHAM dress

Step 1:  

Remove stitching around perimeter of sham
(usually 3 inches from edge of sham).

Step 2:   

Turn sham over; the back becomes the front of the dress.  
 Step 3:

Trim off bottom of sham to open it up.
Step 4:

Turn inside out and stitch overlap to dress front (sham back).  
 Don't stitch all 3 layers together!
Step 5:

Turn the dress right side out and stitch vertically across the wide pocket to separate it into 2, 3 or 4 narrower pockets. That way the wide pocket won't 'gap' out.  
Finished Dress!  Pockets all along the front of the dress!
Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The month of May in Review!

What a crazy month it has been!  So much is happening and I have fallen behind in my blog!  Oh no,  Let me bring you up to date!

In the beginning of the month, I was blessed to be part of West Hartford's Spring Stroll and partnered with BK&CO, a beautiful women's boutique, to showcase what Dress a Girl Connecticut and Dress a Girl Around the World has been doing.  I sold some of our dresses to raise money for supplies, shipping and labeling dresses!  I was so touched at how many people came out and not only learned more about what we do, but donated by purchasing a dress for $25.  That money will make at least another 13 dresses and get them to the girls around the world!  The best part is, so many were touched by this and were thrilled to be able to help and share with whomever the dress will go to what it means and that with their support, many girls will be blessed.  I owe a huge thank you to Barbara and Karen, owners of BK&CO for promoting and supporting our mission.  Thank you ladies!

In late April, I was in Kansas and met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in 2 years.  When we brought each other up to speed on what we'd been doing, I learned she has started going to Haiti with a mission group called HUT OUTREACH.  Joni told me that these kind folks were an organization that aims to help with basic needs of the people in Les Cayes, Haiti.  (Yes, clothing is a basic need-like a dress for a young girl!)  I told her all about my involvement with Dress a Girl and we discussed how God has worked in each of our lives to help us by helping others.  We agreed that it would be great if she could take some of my dresses to Haiti in the end of May with her group.  When I returned home to Connecticut, we emailed each other and she asked me if she could have 1,000 dresses for Haiti!!!

Of course I said yes and set right to emailing, posting and pleading with everyone who helps us in sewing to send me their dresses.  Fortunately, we are an organization that is growing!  Everyone was so helpful and eager to get their dresses sent to Haiti that I was overwhelmed with offers to send dresses to me.  At the time I had to send dresses off, I counted and recounted and was only 53 dresses short! Amazing!  One month and 1,000 dresses!  God is good!  I emailed a few other reps and found that the Chicago rep could send Joni the additional 53 dresses.  We made our goal!  Thank you all who helped in any capacity!  Joni has promised me TONS of photos and a few have already showed up on her Facebook page.  I am dying to see more!  I have many requests from those who sewed to see photos.  I am sure they are hoping to see their dress on a little girl!  What a great feeling that is!

Nicole of HUT OUTREACH on left and my friend Joni on the right with girls blessed with our dresses!

Look at that smile!  Doesn't it speak VOLUMES???  All girls are all smiles when they receive our dresses!

Nicole and Joni holding some of our dresses!  Smiling in anticipation of blessing little girls with them!

In May I also did a Girl Scout event with two troops in Kensington.  Daisies and Brownies gathered donations from local churches, schools, the senior center and other organizations prior to our event.  Then I went to speak to them and explained we'd be painting designs on the hems of the pillowcases.  This would add something special to the dresses we would make out of their pillowcases.  I will send them photos when the dresses are finished.  I just love girls helping girls!  Sew sweet!

Daisies and Brownies hard at work embellishing with fabric paints.
Daisies and Brownies hard at work embellishing with fabric paints.

This month I also was contacted me by a lady named Donna.  She was teaching her 8 year old granddaughter Addi to sew.  They decided to sew a pillowcase dress for Dress a Girl and Addi set out to buy bandanas to sew into a "pillowcase" dress.  She insisted on purchasing the materials with her own money and with Donna's assistance and guidance, she made her first dress-nearly entirely on her own!  I emailed back and forth with Donna and she told me this:

"The dress is now in the mail to you.  Thank you so much for this.  Addi is such a wonderful little girl.  She has a heart of gold.  It is so sweet to see her realize children are not as blessed as she is.  She calls it lucky because at 8 years old she doesn't know there is no luck, it's blessings.  I did take a photo when she finished the dress, I'll send you a photo tonight.

The dress isn't perfect.  I started to re-do it but my husband said that wasn't right, that Addi had took so much time with it.  There is a card in the pocket.  If you feel you can't use the dress do what you must.   She has fabric picked out for her next dress."

I told Donna that of course we'd use it as Addi poured her heart into it!  I asked Donna to take a photo of Addi with the dress before she sent it to me.  She did that and I first received the dress. I was shocked when I opened it.  It was beautiful!  My daughter was standing nearby and saw it as I opened it.  "I LOVE THAT!" she exclaimed.  I told her about Addi and she was shocked it was made by an 8 year old!  She is about to turn 12 and couldn't believe an 8 year old could make it!  And so cute too!  I opened the card in the pocket from Addi and was brought to tears by it!  Two days later, I received the picture of Addi holding her dress.  Could she be any cuter??

Addi (8) holding the dress she made.
Beautiful!  Made by and 8 year old girl!

Sweet note in the pocket!

Sew pretty!

In May I was also contacted by a woman whose mother had passed this past winter.  Carolyn was a nationally acclaimed quilter and had a house full of beautiful fabrics and notions etc.  The daughter asked if I would be interested in fabrics and of course I said YES!  She delivered to me a car full of boxes all sorted and full of fabrics, notions, tools and more.  There was a miscommunication, however, as she looked at a website and thought we only took in white materials for dress making.  Knowing she was donating materials to be made with her dear mother's fabrics into darling dresses for little girls, I couldn't say no and happily accepted them.  We will lot dye and tie dye the materials and make dresses with it all.  It may take a few years, but we will use it all.

With that being said, I would like to say as a general rule:

We test for sheerness by holding our hand behind a layer of fabric-
If we can see our hands outline-IT IS TOO SHEER.  
Let's respect the modesty of all age girls and 
provide dresses they will feel comfortable in and not self conscious.
After all, we want to provide God's best for the girls!


On the same line of thinking, if you have a group or organization that would enjoy hosting a tie dye event for a good cause, please consider taking a box of material from me and dye it so that it becomes a useable fabric for us to make dresses with.  Lot dying is also a possibility.  Please contact me at dressagirlct@gmail.com for more information.  Remember, I am in Connecticut and we would need to find a way for you to come and pick up the fabric.  I can provide direction in how you can obtain good and vibrant dyes to use.  The dyed dresses are really cute!!

If you would like to get involved and sew for us, please contact me.  I have supplies that I can provide to you and instruction as well.  The dresses are quite easy and quick to make and have a HUGE impact on the girl that receives the dress!

Keep up to date by following me on Facebook.  Please "like" my Dress a Girl Connecticut page to hear what we are doing and see recent pictures!  If you like what we are doing, share it with your friends.  The more people that hear about what we are doing, the more that may get involved and help us to bless little girls!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Visit us in West Hartford this Saturday!

I am honored to have been asked to partner with a fabulous woman's boutique ~BK & Co~ in West Hartford Center this weekend for the West Hartford Spring StrollClick here for more information!

They seek to bring attention to charities that business owners in West Hartford support.  It is a wonderful opportunity for me to share Dress a Girl with even more people and perhaps get more people involved in donating and sewing!  This just means more girls will be blessed with dresses!

I will be selling pillowcase dresses for $25 to raise money for shipping dresses and to help buy more supplies to bless more girls.  100% of the money will go back into Dress a Girl!  It is a wonderful way for me to raise money and for you to out one of our cute dresses on a little girl in your life.  Walking advertising too!  Just share where the dress came from and how your money has dressed that many more girls!

Think you'd like to help sewing dresses?  I will also have kits available for $5.  Kits include a pillowcase or fabric sewn into a pillowcase form; all the notions needed to make the dress, directions and an address for you to send the finished dress back to me.  In this way, you can sew a dress, donate a small amount and bless a girl.  If you find you enjoy it and want to continue, you can start collecting pillowcases and supplies needed to sew the dresses!  I am always in need of more help sewing!

Please come out and support Dress a Girl Connecticut!  I look forward to meeting you!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Official Citation from the General Assembly of CT!

What a month it has been! A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by State Senator Len Suzio's office.  He had read the article done in the Meriden Record Journal on Valentine's Day and LOVED what we were doing with Dress a Girl Connecticut!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a month it has been!

I am so grateful for all that has happened in this past month!  It has been a mega month for Dress a Girl Connecticut!

Thanks to Farrah Duffany of MyRecordJournal.com's article and video news report on Dress a Girl Connecticut, this ministry has gone viral!  The Associated Press picked up the article and it has run in a viral manner throughout New England in major and local newspapers!  It still continues to run a few weeks later!  I have been completely overwhelmed and swamped with calls, emails and requests to help from all over New England! 

You can view the article and pictures here:  MyRecordJournal.com-Dress a Girl Connecticut.

In addition, I have been contacted by the owners of an upscale store in West Hartford Center about partnering with them to celebrate girls and women!  Two big events are in the works!  What a blessing this is!!!  I don't want to go into details yet as we are still solidifying plans but trust me, it is REALLY big & exciting!

I have been contacted by so many people!  Everyone wants to help!  So wonderful!  We really need more help and here are ways you can become involved-even if you can't sew!


We need PILLOWCASES of all sizes and colors.  We just ask that they not be see-through!

We can use lightweight cotton and cotton blend FABRICS in larger pieces.  If you are/were a quilter and have fabric left over, we'd love it-just no tiny pieces please!

Pretty, patterned, colorful TOP SHEETS make a good starting place for dresses.  Please NO white sheets.  We'd have to dye them first...

DOUBLE BIAS TAPE 1/2" wide in all colors.  This gets quite expensive to buy-however- it is easy to make if you are interested!

3/8" BRAIDED ELASTIC white or black works.

 GROSGRAIN RIBBON in any color 1/2" to 1" in diameter.

GALLON zip-lock bags (any brand) for packing the dresses in for shipping.

June Tailor DARK T-SHIRT TRANSFER PAPER for label making.

Always needed for purchasing supplies and shipping dresses!


Stay tuned for more information about Dress a Girl Connecticut and what we are up to!

Join us to sew, pin, cut, iron and package dresses:

Saturday, March 31st 
9am - 1pm
Cornerstone Church
1146 Waterbury Road
Cheshire, CT 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great turnout this weekend and another date planned!

What a great turnout on Saturday!  So many new faces!  What a week this has been!

I am so pleased that the recent articles and video articles have brought Dress a Girl to so many! 
http://www.myrecordjournal.com/following_farrah/dress/  What a wonderful blessing this has been to our ministry!  So many have asked how they can help.  Obviously, we need pillowcases!  Please-nothing see through!  We want the girls to have modesty and proper coverage.  We also need help sewing and constructing dresses-consider volunteering your time!  We can show you how to make the dresses!  They are SEW EASY! :)

One of our young helpers models a dress!

We also need financial assistance.  We buy supplies for dresses, labels and shipping supplies and shipping costs.  We estimate that $100 donation will make and ship about 50 dresses.  $500 donation will make and ship 250 dresses!  Know of a company that may want to give back?  Corporate sponsors welcome!  Any amount of donation is welcome and 100% will go towards dress supplies and shipping.  We want to bless as many girls as possible!

We also want to find local groups going on missions trips that can carry dresses with them and bless girls with their own handmade pillowcase dresses!

Our next sewing date is Saturday, March 31 from 9am-1pm at Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT  06410.  Watch for more to come about this date!

Please contact me with any questions you may have!  I love to talk Dress a Girl!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Join Us to Sew (No experience necessary!)

 Imagine a World Where Every Little Girl Owned at Least One Dress


Join Us!
The Dress a Girl Ministry is meeting
this Saturday, February 18th
9:00am - 12:00pm
Cornerstone Church Sanctuary 
1146 Waterbury Road
Cheshire, CT  06410

Whether you sew or not, we need help cutting, ironing, pinning, 
rolling & packaging dresses for shipment to David Wagner of 
Father’s Heart Ministries.  These are very fun, easy to make &
will make a huge impact on the receiving girl!

Please come, bring a friend if you like, be involved!  
You’ll be helping to bless a little girl who might not have ever owned 
a pretty new dress if it weren't for your kindness and generosity. 

 Any questions, please contact Janine Mahan, Dress a Girl Connecticut at dressagirlct@gmail.com.

Hope 4 Women International's "Dress a Girl Around the World" has blessed over 61,000 girls with their own pillowcase dresses in 56 countries including the US.  Volunteers are sewing dresses in all US States, Canada, Uganda, the UK, Philippines, Australia, and Hong Kong. 

****Please donate new & gently used pillowcases****
All colors & sizes welcome!

Financial donations can also be made to:

“Cornerstone Church-Dress a Girl Ministry”, 
1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT  06410

Together, we really will dress girls around the world.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing in a jiffy!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman who works for MyRecordJournal.com.  This is an online news website that wanted to feature Dress a Girl Connecticut on their site!  She asked if I had any dates planned for a sew-a-long that she might come out and video record what we are doing and interview me.  A couple of days later called the administrator at our church to find that she was in Mexico for a week or so!  The deadline was fast approaching and I was under the gun to get a date on the books at Sal's House-a cottage for fellowship on our church property.  I intended to throw a few people together and do a mini-sewing event.  On Wednesday of last week, I booked a Saturday 9am-12pm slot to use the cottage.  I frantically advertised it on Facebook, emailed and talked it up.

Saturday morning came and I had 5 women all show up to help throughout the morning.  It was perfect!  Not too many and they came staggered so that I actually got to talk with everybody!  We even had two new people come help that hadn't before!  Some ironed labels on, another sewing instructor that has been sewing for us did some sewing too. 

As it turned out when I was setting up, I realized just how many dresses I already had completed that just needed to be rolled, bagged and packaged for shipping.  I set a big table up and showed a friend how to do just that.  We worked on opposite sides of the table and talked while we worked.  I am usually running around like crazy instructing, helping and trouble shooting and don't really get to catch up with people as I would like to at sew-a-longs.  This was really nice for me.  And, I loved the smaller setting of Sal's House!  We rolled and bagged hundreds of dresses that have been sitting in a giant covered plastic container on my deck for months just waiting for funding to ship!  I will be so glad to mail those dresses out!  These will go to David Wagner in Florida to be taken to Africa and South America this year on his missions trips.
Dresses completed & labels just sewn on

Sewing on labels

Supplies boxes

Rolling/bagging dresses here

Rolled and Bagged & Counted!

Cutting, Serging & Sewing Station

Sponsor a Woman, Host an Event, email sign ups, Slideshow and Pillowcase party info!

In mid-January, I spoke to a group of Delta Kappa Gamma's and they were so moved by Dress a Girl and what we are doing in Connecticut that they opened their wallets on the spot and donated just over $100!  Now that I have that money in hand, I can afford to ship some of the dresses!  How wonderful!

The video recording went well, she interviewed me and a few others as well.  She took video for nearly 3 hours.  The article will run on Valentine's Day and I am anxious to see how it comes out.  I hope this drums up more interest and excitement for Dress a Girl and that more people will want to become involved.  I also hope that a Corporate Sponsor will come forward!  Surely there is a company out there that would like to help a not for profit help bless little girls by helping with shipping costs and supplies costs?

Either way, my hope is that more eyes be opened to see what we are doing to help bless girls!