Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Excited to share Dress a Girl!

I am honored and excited that I have been invited to speak to the Devon Rotary Club in Milford, CT tomorrow morning!

First off, I love to share what Dress a Girl Around the World is doing and what people here in Connecticut can do to help! 

Secondly, I love the thought of help in fundraising!  I understand that this is what the Rotarians do.  I dream of all the girls we can bless & dress with additional funds to purchase more supplies, machines and help with shipping costs. 

To date, I have been happy to cover many of these myself but I can only do so much (and I haven't exactly kept track of what I have spent :).  Don't get me wrong, many have come forward with individual monetary donations and I am extremely grateful.  However, it only goes so far and Dress a Girl Connecticut is growing so fast!

I love what we are doing and am thrilled that people want to help!  Even if no fundraising comes out of tomorrows meeting, I will be glad to share how we are blessing little girls all over the world.  Who knows what will come of it?  All it takes is one person sharing it with the right person to start some momentum!  And already we are gaining speed!

I can't believe it has been nearly one year to the day that I first heard and became immediately involved with Dress a Girl Around the World!  What a year it has been!  Wish me luck tomorrow!