Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring organizing & cleaning time

I would love to spend the day sewing my pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl today.  However, with the weekend looming and the fact that I hate to clean on the weekend, I feel compelled to do some major cleaning today.  With all that I have been doing this week, I haven't had time to do any significant cleaning-just pickup.  My jewelry studio is a disaster, the whole house needs another vacuuming and there's dusting.  I always like to do all my dirty laundry catch up on Fridays so no one can complain of not having clothes they want for the weekend.

Then there is the basement!  We are in the process of framing it out for a few new rooms.  It's exciting and daunting.  We cleaned out part of the basement & reorganized some to clear the "rooms" we needed to finish.  There is still lots to be done.  It is crazy how much one collects over the years!  I think I have too many hobbies!  I was a very active scrapbooker when we lived in Salt Lake City, UT.  Haven't really done very much since we moved back to Connecticut-nearly 8 years ago!  But, I would really like to again!  Can't part with all the stuff I have-alot-as I know what I spent on it all!  Ugh!  Then there is the soap making supplies, painting supplies, etc.  Then we come to my sewing stuff.  Used to be a relatively small area (except for the fabric in dressers).  Now it is taking over my basement!  I need to get a handle on it!

Besides all the cleaning and organizing, I need to move a bit around in the basement so that I can get to areas where we are putting walls up tonight.  My husband ordered tons of insulation for the ceilings and walls and that could come in today.  May have to go pick that up too.  Once that arrives, the push will be on to get it installed.  So, there are things I really need to get done in the basement-today.  Finish painting the cement 1/2 walls with Drylok so walls can be put up in front of them.  Finish insulating the heating supply duct that we started two nights ago but haven't finished yet.  Oh boy! 

As much as I really want to sew today, clearly this will have to be a day off from that!  Priorities today are organizing and cleaning-then those basement projects!  Better get off my computer and get started!  Tomorrow maybe-after my photography class and before the school auction/fundraiser.  There's always Sunday~


  1. Just stopping by to say "Hi!" I just found out about "Dress a Girl" and I think it's SO cool. Then, I found your blog, which is even cooler because I live not too far away, in Derby, CT. I don't sew yet but I want to learn and I look forward to seeing what you're up to :-)

  2. Hi Maria! Glad you stopped by! Derby is practically around the corner! If you are available, why don't you come to our next sewing date at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire-right off exit 27 -Rt 84 on April 2nd? We will show you how the dresses are made (they're very simple) and teach you how to construct them and even sew them if you'd like! It runs from 9am-3pm and you can stop by any time! We'd love to have you come! Thanks for following!

  3. Oh wow! That's awesome :-) I would LOVE to come. I can sew a little...but it's been over a year since I have. I could probably pick up on it, and I can definitely cut fabric. Can't wait!! Thanks for inviting me!