Thursday, May 3, 2012

Visit us in West Hartford this Saturday!

I am honored to have been asked to partner with a fabulous woman's boutique ~BK & Co~ in West Hartford Center this weekend for the West Hartford Spring StrollClick here for more information!

They seek to bring attention to charities that business owners in West Hartford support.  It is a wonderful opportunity for me to share Dress a Girl with even more people and perhaps get more people involved in donating and sewing!  This just means more girls will be blessed with dresses!

I will be selling pillowcase dresses for $25 to raise money for shipping dresses and to help buy more supplies to bless more girls.  100% of the money will go back into Dress a Girl!  It is a wonderful way for me to raise money and for you to out one of our cute dresses on a little girl in your life.  Walking advertising too!  Just share where the dress came from and how your money has dressed that many more girls!

Think you'd like to help sewing dresses?  I will also have kits available for $5.  Kits include a pillowcase or fabric sewn into a pillowcase form; all the notions needed to make the dress, directions and an address for you to send the finished dress back to me.  In this way, you can sew a dress, donate a small amount and bless a girl.  If you find you enjoy it and want to continue, you can start collecting pillowcases and supplies needed to sew the dresses!  I am always in need of more help sewing!

Please come out and support Dress a Girl Connecticut!  I look forward to meeting you!