Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spreading the love

It's Sunday evening and tonight we had dinner with my father in law and his significant other.  They asked about Dress a Girl and what's new.  I love to share what is starting to happen here in Connecticut and the Northeast!  They had no idea how busy we've been and how big things are getting.  I told him that I'd driven 180 dresses out to Boston so his granddaughter, Mary, could bring them to Nicaragua for me!  He was very proud!  They themselves just came back from Costa Rica last week.  Had I known they were going in advance, I would have sent a few dresses with them!

I showed them pictures of the dresses and of the little girls of Uganda in them.  They were touched by the pictures and asked if we just buy the dresses or do the stores donate them. (I thought I had told them all of this, but you know they are busy and have a lot of their own stuff going on so I can't expect them to remember my stuff too!)  I explained that most of our dresses are made from donated and gently used pillowcases from folks that want to help and have extra sheets and pillowcases they aren't using.  They thought they might have extra sheets and pillowcases-who doesn't?!  I asked him if I could email him a letter that he could share with his friends asking for donations.  "Of course!" he said!  He wants pictures included of those cute little girls receiving and wearing our dresses.  So tomorrow morning, I will be drafting a letter complete with pictures and sending it along!  He felt that his friends would be more than happy to help our cause!

It's so fun to talk about DAG!  It's easy when you love what you're doing!  Spreading the love!


  1. I'm so glad my obsession with fabric is being used for such an awesome project!!