Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dress sizes...

I have had a request to know how to size the dresses we are making.  Here is a chart from Rachel, head of DAG, on recommended sizing...

Keep in mind an average pillowcase width is 22" and if using fabric that means 44" total width before you sew into your tube or pillowcase.  If you are making a small dress, the width doesn't need to be 22" wide.  I sometimes use my smaller widths of fabric for the little girl dresses-maybe 16-19" wide before doubling.  

 Size Chart for Dresses based on length...

Size 2—16”
Size 3-- 19”
Size 4-- 22”

Size 5—24”
Size 6—26”
Size 7-28”
Size 8--30”
Size 9—32”
Size 10—34”

Size 11—36”
Size 12—38”

Keep in mind, once a dress becomes too short to be a dress, it works as a cute top with shorts, skirt or pants.  Dresses can also be worn with a shirt underneath.  Hope this is helpful-comment if you have any questions!

These dresses are made with vintage fabric given to me by my cousin Cheryl.  Cute huh?


  1. Cute fabrics. Sewdelightful has a list too with fabric widths to cut for making dresses with fabric.
    Oh and i do need to know the name of that plastic threading thingy LOL. sounds like something I need.

  2. Check my blog again-posted info on the thingy...