Monday, January 7, 2013

Dresses made in memory of those lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

Soon after the tragic and senseless shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School just about 30 minutes from me in Newtown, CT, I began to receive requests for Dress a Girl Connecticut to DO SOMETHING.  After thinking about this for some time, I decided that we could honor all those lost in this terrible event by helping other kids, namely little girls who have little.  It feels good to help others and by making dresses in memory of those lost, we remember and honor those.

These are the labels that I came up with for all the dresses you make and send in to me. 
 S.H.E.'S. remembered = Sandy Hook Elementary School remembered

The following dresses were received from our DAG Virginia representative, Karen.  
She made personalized tags for each to honor an individual.

As received on Christmas Eve.

Interested in helping out?  Consider making a dress.  Green & white are the S.H.E.S. colors and many are now making dresses in green with white trim & details.  All dresses will be sent out to countries with girls in need.

Help us remember and honor the boys, girls and women of Sandy Hook Elementary School!

God Bless!