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Interested in getting involved?  Moved by what you have heard or read?  That is how it happened for me!  As soon as I heard about Dress a Girl Around the World, I knew I had to DO SOMETHING!  Once I started making dresses, I was hooked.  What a great feeling to know I was helping to bless a little girl with a pretty, handmade dress.  Not the sewing kind?  There are ways for you to help also!

First off, whether you are or are not a sewing person, please PRAY for us.  Please pray for those that take and bless the girls.  And pray for the girls to be blessed and for peace and happiness.  That they know there is a God that loves them and that they are loved by him and also by those of us who seek to bless them!

Second, we need people to SEW DRESSES.  If you live nearby to Cheshire, CT, you are welcome to join us to sew when we host sewing events.  If not, please sew on your own or consider putting together a group to sew.  It is always fun to sew with friends and share your creativity.

We always are in need of quality cotton quilting types of FABRICS.  Please NO SEE-THROUGH or white material-no matter how cute it may be.  If you wouldn't put your daughter or granddaughter in it because it's too see-through, let's not make a dress for another girl with it.  We want to respect her modesty and protect her from predators.  Quality, clean (unstained) sheets in pretty prints and solid colors are also okay.  Of course, the same applies to PILLOWCASES.

As far as trim goes, we always need EXTRA WIDE DOUBLE BIAS TAPE.  It is easier to work with than single bias tape and easier than narrow bias tapes.

We need GALLON ZIP LOCK BAGS to package our finished dresses in.  We use alot of these bags to pack dresses by size and quantity.  The bags are reusable and keep dresses dry and clean while they travel to their destination.

Finally, there are costs for things such as labels, printer ink, sewing supplies, and other shipping supplies (we sometimes ship to trusted missionaries) and  that are not donated.  100% of your FINANCIAL DONATION goes to Dress a Girl Connecticut to bless girls.  No one is paid as this is a 100% volunteer based organization.  Checks are welcome and should be made payable to: "Cornerstone Church-Dress a Girl Ministry".  They should be mailed to Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT  06410.   Be sure and include your name and address and you will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation.  There is also a "DONATE" button on the right side of my homepage.

Lastly, consider SHARING what Dress a Girl Connecticut and Dress a Girl Around the World is doing with others.  Your friends and families may know someone who sews or has items to share with us to help us bless girls.  The Good Word travels fast and far and may be just what someone has been looking for.  You will find that by getting involved with Dress a Girl, you will also be blessed.

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  1. I would like to arrange a sewing group in my church. Do you collect dresses year round? Is this a Christian organization? You can check out my profile at Thanks! I will keep your organization in my prayers. God bless you! :)