Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magic elastic & ribbon threader! A must have!

I found this at my local Michael's store in the sewing notions section and paid a whopping $1.99 for it. I figured it was a good investment if it worked and an inexpensive experiment if it didn't.  Joann's sells one just like it also-a little more expensive there.

This is what it looks like hanging on the display. It's made by Dritz as you can see in the bottom right corner.
And here it is out of the package, just a long, flexible, plastic stick that is thicker at one end and tapers to a thinner size with two openings at the other end.
So all you do is thread your ribbon through the casing into the two holes at the end, then run the thicker end through the casing and out the other end. I was able to run an elastic or ribbon through the casing of a dress in seconds. I now own about 5 of these- great for our sew fests-things move way faster!!!

Borrowed the pics from "Hooked on Needles" blog...

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