Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sewing event a great success!

Saturday we had a great turnout at our sewing event at Cornerstone Church!  It started off slow as many of our normal helpers were helping out with another event with the church.  By 10am, we had lots of ladies trickling in and had a handful of new helpers.  So glad to see new faces excited about helping out!  I hope you all will come back again! 

We got alot accomplished!  Pauline (our women's ministries coordinator extraordinaire) pressed casings all day!  She has quite a way with an iron!  Raw talent!  :) 


Evelina serged raw edges and serged pillowcase forms together that I had preciously cut from sheets.
Ana sewed the elastic into the casings and helped with pinning.
Ferba and Ana's daughter Breana cut the pillowcases.
Ferba & Breana

Donna pinned bias tape on dresses.
Newbie Christine learned several steps and was pinning bias tape on here.
Jordan came to help for the first time with older sister Jesse.  Here Jordan has learned to pin on bias tape.
On a whim, I decided to bring the fabric paints and stencils.  We had many younger kids come to help this time and the painting of plain pillowcases was the perfect way for them to help pretty them up!  Here, Evalina's daughter Brianna, Jesse Micayla and Breana were all painting stencils and freehand.  Some really amazing paintings!
Brianna, Jesse, Micayla & Breana
This is Marie and she spent the whole day sewing casings and bias tape on.
This is another new friend, Maria.  Maria found our Dress a Girl website only last week and when I invited her to come and sew with us, she agreed and came with pillowcases.  She is excited about what we are all doing and hopes to set up her own sewing groups.  She has been looking for ways to help others and glorify God.  I think she's found her way!  Thanks Maria!
Evalina and Sorea & her Mom helping with Bias Tape
Two more newbies who know how to sew came to help and even brought a huge pile home to finish!  They are really excited to keep sewing and think they can gather more help!

Here is Mary who decided not to drive to DC to see the cherry blossoms in the rain and instead came to help us!  So glad you did Mary!  She even took a huge pile home to work on!
Ryan & mom, Judy
Judy couldn't stay this time, but came by to pick up a pile of dresses that needed bias tape pinned on.  She took them home to work on!  Thanks Judy!

So as you can see, we had a great turnout!  Thanks to all that came and even those that couldn't come this time but always help out sewing in their own time!  As soon as I have more pictures of the dresses we finished and a count for you, I will post it!  God Bless you all!

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