Monday, April 25, 2011

Desperately seeking....Pillowcases!!

It appears I have used all of our donated pillowcases and desperately need more for upcoming "orders" for pillowcase dresses for Dress a Girl!  I just got a request for 200 dresses from Gordon College!  They are going to Honduras on May 22nd and I will need all the help I can to get those dresses made!  Don't forget I am still madly sewing for David Wagner's request to dress 10,000 girls in Africa and South America in July!  So thankful that Rachel has agreed to send 5,000 of them from Dress a Girl Around the World's headquarters in Arizona!  That still leaves alot for us to make and ship to Florida!

Please consider donating your old (or new) pillowcases and sheets to Dress a Girl.  The pictures on the girls faces when they receive a dress are priceless! Email me at for more information on where to send your pillowcase, sheets and fabric donations!  Thank you!


  1. You should be getting some fabric from me today:) I hope it helps and am very glad to be able to send some your way!!! Have a Blessed day:)

  2. Melissa-Thanks so much for the great goodie box! I really appreciate it! You have some really great fabrics in there! Can't wait to really dig into it!