Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids help by tie-dying white pillowcases & fabrics!

On Saturday, our Cheshire Newcomers & Neighbors Club sponsored a children's event in which kids could come and help tie-dye white pillowcases and fabrics. These pillowcases and fabrics are what I have received as donations for Dress a Girl Connecticut.  My friend Kristi organized it and has vast experience in tie-dying with superior dyes.  The kids and adults applied rubber bands to various parts of the pillowcases & fabrics.  Kristi and her husband took care of soaking the fabrics in soda ash prior to the kids applying dye.  Then the kids were given liquid dyes in numerous bottles (scary in itself!) to apply to the fabrics.  They did a great job and I can't wait to see what they look like!  Here is a picture of some of the kids that helped out.

Kids help out by tie-dying white pillowcases & fabric
Kristi said she'd wash the lot of fabrics and pillowcases for me and return them to me in a few days!  I am so excited to get them back!  We don't want to send white or see-thru pillowcases to little girls so tie-dying is an excellent answer!  I will post pictures of the fabrics, pillowcases and dresses when I get them back!  A huge thank you to all those that gave up a couple hours of their time to help out!


  1. Oh wow, I bet this was a messy blast! We are so excited to take these to Africa and around the globe!

  2. Thanks Molly! It was a messy blast! The dye doesn't stick to anything but skin (we tried to protect skin with gloves) and natural fibers. The kids wore old clothes and it didn't stick to the table. In fact, we mopped up the excess dye spillage on the table with some dresses and the colors turned out awesome! Can't wait to make a few dresses and post the pictures!

    Thanks for offering to take them to girls in need for us!