Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An amazing Sewing Event at Temple Beth David

A couple months ago a good friend of mine called and explained that their Temple would be hosting Mitzvah Day event May 1st.  Mitzvah Day is a day of giving back to the community.  They had an outdoor planting event planned and wanted an indoor event in case of bad weather.  Marlena asked if I would bring Dress a Girl to their Temple!

Originally I believed we would have a small group due to the large community garden planting project.  And then I heard the weather would be good and was sure we'd have a small group.  Marlena had different plans though!  She organized a pillowcase drive and I found out Friday night that she expected 35 people.  This is larger than my previous events and I have to admit I was a bit nervous.  I was concerned-I didn't know the people there, would it go smoothly, would I have enough supplies, could I get them excited and passionate about DAG as I am?

Can I just say how amazing and wonderful the people were?  And I hazard to say we had close to 50 men, women and children there helping us!  I started off by telling them all how I came to be involved, how DAGATW started and why we do it.  I gave basic instruction and then they got to work!  They donated over 160 pillowcases and notions too!  Nine women brought and set up sewing machines.  More brought them but never set them up as they were doing other steps in the process.  I didn't even set up mine.  We had four ironing stations, cutting stations and a couple tables for elastic insertion and bias tape pinning!  We even had a table set up for the youth to paint on plain dresses!  So cute!

This group of people were so excited about DAG that many took home piles of dresses to finish and some offered to go out and get all the supplies they need, and make the dresses for me!  Awesome!    They want to continue to have regular sewing gatherings!  I am hopeful that they will organize more events at their Temple!

What a great blessing it was to bring Dress a Girl to Temple Beth David.  They in turn are going to be such a blessing to little girls all over the world!

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