Friday, May 13, 2011

New to sewing? Free patterns online & tutorials

Just want to say thanks to Marie-our Dress a Girl in PA-for posting this great website!

If you are new to sewing and feel more comfortable with following a pattern no matter what you are sewing, this is the website to check out!  Free Needle!

Here are a few I looked at:

Here is a way to turn a pillowcase into a shirred top (or a cute dress for little girls!!!):

Here is a pattern for turning an old skirt into a little girls dress:

Here is a way to use an old kids t-shirt and turn it into a really cute dress by adding fabric!

Here is one for turning a t-shirt and bandana into a girls dress:

Okay, so you get the idea!  Thanks Marie for finding this great source of help!  Can't wait to check out more!  Great "idea" site!

Now, fire up those sewing machines!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I know isn't it a great site. Just means I now have an even longer list of all the things I want to sew.
    I looked on there for baby gifts and was overwhelmed by all the cute and great gifts. It's a wonderful site