Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girls blessing girls!

Last year, New Hope Anglican Church in Watertown held a Sew-a-Long and I met a bright young lady by the name of Sara LePine there.  She contacted me near the end of last year wanting to organize a Sew-a-Long event with her Girl Scout Troop to help her achieve her Silver Award.

Well Sara and her troop put in about 70 hours and made Dress a Girl 50 pillowcase dresses!  They are beautiful!  I am so touched that a young lady would be so moved to want to do this project to help other girls!  Girls blessing girls with new dresses!  Awesome.

Sara was a bit camera shy tonight but did give me permission to use her name in my blog.  I think it is worth sharing however as today's youth are sometimes sold short.  It is inspiring to me to meet one who cares enough about others to DO SOMETHING!

So a heartfelt thanks from me to Sara and Troop 85501 in Connecticut!  I am sure all the girls who receive the dresses will feel blessed by them!

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