Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sharing Dress A Girl with your church

Since becoming involved last fall with Dress a Girl, I have been touched and overwhelmed by the response of those I share what Dress a Girl is all about.  It is much like my own response still today.  I love being able to help in blessing little girls and in the process raise their self esteem and feelings of being loved and valued.  It breaks my heart that girls around the world haven't even the proper clothing to wear.  That they may never have felt pretty or owned a pretty dress.  Maybe never felt anyone cared enough to give them a handmade treasure.  When these beautiful pillowcase dresses are put on the little girls, the pictures show their faces absolutely lighting up.  It brings tears to my eyes to see the beaming little girls!  Shouldn't every little girl have that feeling?

I would love to come to your church and share how I became involved with Dress a Girl.  I can help you host a pillowcase drive of your own.  We are always in need of new or gently used pillowcases!  I would love to organize a sewing event for your interested people.  Many who I have shared Dress a Girl with have hosted an event and then some go on to continue sewing on their own for us!  What a blessing!

I have found that those people who help out in constructing dresses also feel blessed to take part in this great cause!

Please contact me if you think you'd like me to come to your church or organization and share Dress a Girl Around the World.  I would only take up about 10-20 minutes of time depending on your schedule.

Thanks for listening!

God Bless,

Janine Mahan

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