Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Know someone going on a missions trip? We'd love them to take dresses to girls in need!

Help us bless girls with their own pillowcase dress!

We are in need of people to take our dresses to countries where there is a need for girls to be properly clothed.  We rely on people traveling personally or on mission trips that can carry our dresses to areas where we can bless girls with their own beautiful handmade pillowcase dress!  If you or your church are taking a trip, please consider contacting me to obtain dresses.  I am in Connecticut and can provide you with these dresses at no cost.  All we ask is that you will personally put the dresses on the girls-over their existing clothes- and let them know God loves them.  Tell them that they are beautiful and have worth.  Tell them the dress was made by someone who loves them just as God does.  Make them feel pretty and special-maybe for the first time in their lives.  Take photos of the girls in their new dresses and email them to us so that we can share the look of feeling beautiful and special with others.  We can show the ladies who sew these dresses what good self esteem and happiness looks like.  It inspires people to get involved and encourages those already sewing to keep on sewing for this wonderful cause.

For more information, please email me at  If you are not local but willing to pay for the shipping charges, I can send you dresses to carry on your trip.  We are a not for profit organization and we simply desire to make God's best dress and bless girls around the world.

Can you help?

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