Monday, August 1, 2011

Ugandan girls being blessed by Dress a Girl CT!

Back in June I received a last minute request from a student mission leader at Gordon College for pillowcase dresses.  His team was leaving in a week and he was looking for a way to get dresses from me.  I almost ignored the request as it was such last minute and he is in Boston area and I am closer to Hartford.  The day before his trip, he realized his parents were traveling back to Boston through Connecticut and that they were traveling along Route 84.  This is only 8 minutes from my home!  I quickly gathered together as many dresses as I could (about 100) and delivered them to his parents just an hour later.

Jordan was very grateful and excited to bless the girls in the many areas and his team were traveling to.  He promised photos and went on his way the next day.  I had forgotten about it until I received these three photos and a really nice letter yesterday.


It feels really good to see the smiling girls in our dresses and I even recognize dresses that I made in there!  Awesome!

These smiling faces say it all!
Here is a bit of what Jordan wrote to me:

Yoga! (hello! In Ateso, the language of Serere village)

The trip was a huge success I think—God’s Hand definitely guided much of it.

These girls are all from Serere village—no running water, mostly grass huts and very little access to electricity and maybe 6 computers for the district of 30,000. 70% of an uneducated woman’s life is spent fetching water and firewood. Also, it has about a 40% HIV positive rate so pretty much every story we heard was heartbreaking.

Despite this, they usually had huge smiles on (minus when one team lost at football and when we departed from each other) and were able to have a ton of fun with us in competitions, football, dancing and doing devotions.

Here are all the pics I have of the girls wearing their dresses! Some of the dresses will go to their secondary students who were a few hours away from the site and some of the other primary girls got these too, they just were not around. There will probably be about 20 that they will either save for future kids/emergency cases and/or give to some of the girls who already received one.

All of them absolutely lit up when they received them. Many were wearing ripped/clothes with holes in them.

Thank you so much—yalama noi noi—for all the hard work and love that went into these and for preparing them for us on such short notice. It really meant a lot to the girls and their sponsoring organization—Village2Village. They look great too!

I am so proud to be part of this wonderful organization!  I love hearing the stories of how it positively affects little girls and changes the lives of those that witness to them.  Many thanks to all the wonderful people who helped prepare these dresses with their hands to help those girls in Uganda!  God Bless!

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